Eagle EYE is the
B Fastest B
GUI bot on the market
Eagle EYE is the Fastest GUI bot on the market

Available for Windows



See what EAGLE EYE can do

All-in-One Solution

Sniper bot and Presale bot ALL-IN-ONE.

Snipe tokens in the fastest and easiest way

Manage your wallet

Manage your wallets directly from the bot!

You won't need metamask anymore!

Withdraw to custom wallet

You can withdraw profits directly to the wallet of your choice!

Timestamp Features
The timestamp is a small data stored in each block whose main function is to determine the exact moment in which the block has been mined and validated by the blockchain network.
Custom Method IDS

you can define the custom methodIds to make a purchase when the sniper mode is in METHOD ID

First BLOCK - First BUY

With our tool you will ensure the snipe on the first block.

Different Snipe Methods

Snipe with preset methods or with custom methods

Telegram Contract Scraper

Be the first to buy thanks to our telegram contract scraper

Sell ​​how you want

You can sell at Percentage of Profit, Target at Value ($) or by time by setting it directly on the GUI

Sell ​​as much as you want

You can decide to sell the% of tokens you prefer, or you can also decide to hold! All from the GUI

Safe Checker

He will make a purchase and sale of the set values, if he does not receive the minimum of the second value he will reverse the main purchase This way it prevents you from falling into honeypot or high fee tokens By default the bot comes with 50% rate tolerance (0.001,0.0005), you can also customize this field And most importantly, the bot does this in a single transaction, so you don't lose position or time when buying!


You can set anti rug-pull as active or deactivated and set customizable methodIds for the bot to also sell if they happen

Buy Delay
You can define a time to buy after detecting the transaction
Multiple Wallets

Multiple Wallets are supported!

Multiple TX at the same time

You can make multiple transactions in one transaction!

Auto buy direct on copy address

Speed ​​up your snipes by setting the COPY BUY auto.
Once the contract is copied, the bot will sniper for you!

Trade with any coin

You can snipe with major currencies!






Eagle EYE Sniper



Eagle EYE PreSale